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                 Welcome to                   the gathering Place!

The Gathering Place is a family friendly sports and fitness community center.  Our 82,000 square foot complex features three basketball courts, indoor soccer field, cardio and weight rooms, indoor running/walking track, and more!

"I have come that they may have life; and have it to the full"

John 10:10

Our vision is to help you "SEE what God can do through you."

We work to achieve this mission by providing:

  • A family friendly environment that allows you to play, compete and experience positive community.
  • Fitness facilities and group fitness opportunities to allow you to push yourself and reach you personal fitness goals
  • Youth and Adult Sports leagues that allow players to grow athletically, emotionally, and physically in a positive, Christ-honoring environment
  • Support Groups geared to meet your needs as well as the needs of our community
  • Opportunities to serve others at The GP and bless our community in which we are all members.

We want each person to better experience the "abundant life" that Jesus promised in John 10:10, while at the same time being genuinely involved in serving our community.

goals, strategies, commitment


1. Offer quality sports and fitness programs that induce both athletic and spiritual maturity

2. Develop our participants’ knowledge of the Christian faith while offering quality sports and fitness experiences.

3. Encourage our participants to share their Christian experience with others

4. Equip our participants to serve our community through our sports leagues and fitness classes

5. Inspire our participants to serve Christ, each other, and the less privileged

6. Empower our participants to build bridges between church and sport

7. Collaborate with ministries at CCG and other organizations in the community for unique sports ministry opportunities

8. Create a Christ focused friendly environment that encourages safety, fun, and community with others


1. Engage the community through our sports leagues and fitness classes

2. Love our participants unconditionally and constructively as Christ loves us

3. Give our participants a broader awareness or deeper knowledge of Christ through interaction, mentorship, devotions, and discipleship

4. Connect our participants to others in a small group setting and provide them with intentional, spiritually based relationships

5. Equip our participants for ministry to others through leadership training

6. Release our participants to serve others through local and international sports mission


1. To build and multiply the church body (1 Corinthians 12:14-26)

2. To serve and reach the community (Matthew 28:19)

3. To bear lasting fruit (John 15:16)