totally fit life -- Getting Started

Join us and take the next steps toward a Totally Fit Life! TFL is for all fitness levels, age 20 and up.


TFL Bootcamp Start Dates:

Monday, December 3 (registration deadline November 26) 

Monday, December 17 (registration deadline December 10)

Monday, January 7, 2019 (registration deadline Wed. January 2)


Before registering for TFL, please complete the action steps below:

  • step 1: View seminar videos

    View both parts of the TFL Seminar Video. 

    If you prefer to view on YouTube, click here for Part 1.

    If you prefer to view on YouTube, click here for Part 2.

  • step 2: commit to physical fitness

    Decide if you would like to attend TFL fitness classes or work out on your own. TFL fitness classes are offered three different times three days per week. Each day's workout is different and includes exercises for improving your cardio-vascular endurance, strength, core, flexibility, and coordination. All classes on the same day do the same workout. Modifications will be available so members can adjust exercises to their own fitness levels. Please select the class that most closely fits your lifestyle: 

    • 5:45 a.m. (M-W-F)—all fitness levels; Co-ed—for those who work or need to exercise early.  
    • 7:30 a.m. (M-W-F)—all fitness levels; Co-ed—for those who desire a later start.  
    • 9:30 a.m. (M-W-F)—TFL Women—all fitness levels; this class is for women of all ages who enjoy the social aspects of working out in a group. 

    If you cannot attend TFL classes, you may still join the system and work out on your own for the physical component of the system. You will receive accountability and encouragement from your email team whether you attend TFL classes or do your own fitness routine. 

  • step 3: commit to nutritional fitness

    For people who want to lose body fat, a daily regimen of exercise and eliminating High Glycemic Index foods will assure success. The first 10 days of The Totally Fit Life System is Bootcamp. Click here to review the guidelines of Bootcamp. 

  • step 4: Commit to daily accountability

    When you join TFL, you will be placed on a Team of 3 for accountability. You agree to email your DAILY REPORTS to each other, so you will all give and receive accountability, encouragement, and support (see sample agreement here). Or instead of being placed on a team, you may ask two friends to be on your Team of 3. Joining The Totally Fit Life together will provide a powerful incentive to successful life change!

  • step 5: register for TFL

    After you have viewed the complete TFL Seminar video, reviewed bootcamp guidelines, and picked the TFL class that you will attend, please contact Pam Mroz at and be sure to mention that you have watched both parts 1 and 2 of the TFL Seminar

    She will send you an electronic (pdf ) registration form. Note: Forms are not available at The GP. 

    Please return the filled out form and your check to The GP before the registration deadline at the top of this page. 

    The cost is only $45 for each 10 week cycle! 

    Contact us now to get plugged in to this life-changing system!