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Fusion Sports and Fitness

“Fusion Sports and Fitness” is the Community Church of Greenwood’s Sports Ministry at The Gathering Place. Why “Fusion”? The meaning of the word fusion symbolizes what we desire to see happen through our sports ministry. Fusion is the process or transition by which substances join together to form a stronger nucleus. Through Fusion Sports and Fitness, our goal is to see this happen on multiple fronts… 

First of all, our sports ministry intends to fuse faith and sports. Church and sport represent two of the world’s largest people groups. While sport breeds many positive traits such as determination, discipline, and commitment, there is an endless need for fusing character in the lives of sportspeople (i.e. steroid abuse, domestic violence, sexual assaults, egotism, racism, peer pressures, etc). The Christian faith fosters character at the highest level, and provides a strong foundation to build a solid life both now, and for eternity.  

Secondly we desire to fuse church and community. CCG’s vision, and one of our main priorities through The GP is to fuse strategic relationships and partnerships in order to strategically serve the local sports community. We aim to train coaches to coach, and athletes to compete, with a higher purpose….developing them athletically, socially, personally, and spiritually. 

Thirdly, we believe that through sport, the message of Jesus can impact culture by fusing people cross culturally. Sport is a universal language that shapes culture, and transcends social, political and ethnic barriers. We intend to impact cultures via our unique local and global partnerships and resources (see Scroll down to read more about how Fusion’s strategies build a solid nucleus in the lives of our participants and partnerships.

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Paul Kobylarz

Executive Director,

The Gathering Place