The Totally Fit Life System is for anyone who would like to look better, feel better, and have more energy through daily application and accountability in six areas of fitness: physical, nutritional, mental, emotional, spiritual, and directional.

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Boot Camp Start Dates

Monday, July 1st

(registration deadline, June 24th)

Monday, July 15th

(registration deadline, July 8th)

Monday, August 5th

(registration deadline July 29th)

the totally fit Life

TFL is for all fitness levels, age 20 and up.

Do you want to look better?

Do you want to feel better?

Do you want more energy?

Do you want to get fit in a fun group setting?

If you value any or all of these as ways to improve your life, you have just taken the first step to achieving fitness vitality.

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In partnership with the Totally Fit Life System, The Gathering Place is seeking to be "totally fit." Read further to find out more . . .

the purpose of

the totally Fit Life

The Purpose of the Totally Fit Life:

Enhance your life! The Totally Fit Person can be used more effectively by God to advance His Kingdom. 

The Purpose of A Totally Fit Body: 

The purpose of the Totally Fit Life System is to help you take care of your body so that you can live on earth as long as God intended you to live. 

Return on Investment: 

By living longer you can serve the Lord Jesus Christ longer. The longer you stay on earth, the more time you have to make deposits into your Heavenly saving account . . . deposits that you can enjoy throughout eternity. Jesus said, "Store up treasures, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal." Matthew 6:20 

six areas of A totally fit life

The Totally Fit Life System is NOT just about exercising or eating—it's so much more

It's about the way a person thinks, feels, and acts. It's about healthy relationships, spiritual growth, and living a purpose filled life. The Totally Fit Life System is built upon grace not guilt, encouragement and not condemnation. 

From The Totally Fit Life perspective, life as a whole includes six areas:







These key areas work together in a synergistic way, meaning that the nature of the whole is far greater than the sum of the six areas. Each area works in tandem to increase a person's likelihood for long term, sustainable health and vitality.

team of 3

Accountability is the most important ingredient of The Totally Fit Life system. 

Participants are placed on a Team of 3 men or 3 women and agree to stay accountable to each other through daily emails. 

Interested? Click on the TFL Getting Started Page to find out how to take the next steps and start living a Totally Fit Life!

The cost is $55 for a 10 week cycle.

If you have questions about the TotallyFit Life, please contact Pam Mroz at 884-0531 x297 or

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