fusion mentorship

Sports Mentorship – The GP’s Executive Director, Paul Kobylarz, is an ex-professional hockey player (University of Michigan/New Jersey Devils) and an Ordained Pastor, who has served as an accredited Olympic Chaplain/Sports Mentor at 6 Olympics and over 20 other Major Sporting Events around the world including World Championships, Pan Am Games, and the NFL combine. He has worked with several professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes, helping them find a balance between faith, sport, and life. Paul’s heart is to help athletes build their identity and foundation in life through the Christian faith while helping them reach their full potential as athletes, and even more importantly, as people.  

If you’re struggling with performance based identity, pressure, or self confidence, Paul welcomes and wishes to encourage you. 

Schedule an appointment or drop in during the following hours: 

   Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 3pm-5pm. 

Point person: paul@ccgonline.org