fusion nutrition

10 week nutrition course led by IIN certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Jessica Nabors

Through this program you will be given information as well as practical and sustainable techniques critical to improved health and nutrition.

In our FUSION nutrition course, you can look forward to:

Basic nutrient education (meaning things like sugar, fat, protein, carbs)

Direction on how to navigate food labels, claims, and sourcing (hidden ingredients, percentages, ingredients…also what does organic/cage free/gluten free/low fat/sugar free/etc. mean?)

  • Education on Primary and Secondary foods [primary food ~ nourishment that doesn’t go into your mouth (relationships, physical activity, career, etc.), secondary food ~ nourishment that goes into your mouth (food, beverage, supplement)]
  • Learning the crowding out approach to healthier eating (restriction dieting doesn’t work, we’ll teach methods of crowding out unhealthy foods and habits instead)
  • Discovering how to deconstruct cravings to decode and meet your body's nutritional needs (Paying attention to your body and cravings to see if your body is nutrient deficient. What is going on or has happened when you experience unhealthy cravings? )
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting and progress activities (Structured, measurable, and attainable goals)
  • Recipes and cooking classes! (In the GP Industrial kitchen)

Place: The Gathering Place conference room (kitchen during cooking classes)

Dates: To be determined later this fall

Time: TBA

Cost: $50. Cost includes comprehensive manual packed with important information and tools, cooking class supplies.