GP Winter Kickoff Weekend

no ice AND it was hot inside!

Winter sports leagues and fitness classes are well under way after an exciting Saturday kickoff on January 14. With frigid weather and threat of ice storms, we were happy to open Saturday morning fully functioning and ready for our "World's Biggest ONE Day Workout" event and the first week of our winter youth leagues. Scroll down for details and photos! 

A great start to youth sports

keeping the main thing the main thing!

As the new Youth Sports Director at Community Church of Greenwood/The Gathering Place, I'd like to make sure everyone knows what we are about here at The GP. Many have heard me share this with our kids in weekly devotionals, and I want to share it with you. 

There are three core tenants that shape everything we do in our youth leagues:

   1) Have Fun,  2) Learn Skills, and 3) Honor God. 

I have shared this with our coaches, kids, and parents. I love how we see that being acted out on a weekly basis. As we started our leagues, I saw coaches focused on the good of players more than wins and losses. While we value competition and prioritize having a winning attitude, it all begins with these 3 core values. I heard parents encouraging all players to be best that they could be and I watched our players act in great sportsmanship towards one another. 

I know there are a lot of places you can play youth sports at in Greenwood, and what we hope to continue to do at The Gathering Place is build an environment where you know that every director and coach who works with your players has these 3 core values at heart! Thanks again for being part of Youth Sports at The Gathering Place and here's to a great season!


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world's biggest one day workout!


The Gathering Place at Community Church of Greenwood took part in the "Biggest ONE DAY Workout" on January 14. We were among thousands of gyms, clubs, and fitness studios across the globe celebrating the 100th release of Les Mills BODYPUMP (that's 25 years of being the #1 barbell group fitness workout). 

At The GP we launched ALL of our group fitness programs with new music, new moves and new excitement. 

If you've never experienced BODYPUMP, take a look at this:

With over 130 participants, these are the participants who won some cool door prizes:

Heidi Harmon: individual annual membership

Leslie Barnett, Jennifer Reynolds, and Rebecca Updike: January flex pass (2 1/2 weeks)

Shannan Hall and Kari Turner: February Flex pass

David Abrams: Pacers prize pack (2 tickets and t-shirt)

Stephanie Abrams and Alli Johnson: GP Friends t-shirt

Heather McPherson: GP fitness towel

Kristen Beaman: GP fitness knapsack