Zach Watson

Why did you decide to start volunteering as a Flag Football Director at the GP?

The opportunity to volunteer as a youth sport director was mentioned during church service one Sunday morning. A few days later pastor Jason Gallman reached out to see if I would be interested in helping out with the Spring flag football league. I had been hearing the internal promptings in my head that I should volunteer for this opportunity, but the message came in loud and clear that this was the right thing to do once Jason got me involved.

What did you enjoy most working with the youth flag football league?

I enjoy teaching the game of football. It was great to see teams come together during their practices and learn the game. I saw players practice routine items like how to break the huddle as a team, down to specific items like designing offensive plays and defensive schemes.

Is there anything you feel God taught you through the experience?

God’s plan moves slower when I do not listen to the Holy Spirt (internal promptings). I became more connected to the families that were playing in the league as the season moved along and as I became more comfortable with speaking up. I could have connected with even more people if I would obeyed the internal promptings to start more conversations earlier in the season.

Were there other things about your experience you appreciated or would like to share?

I appreciate the facility that allows for these games to take place. It is amazing how many people in the community show up to the GP and surrounding fields on game days and practices.

What would you say to someone who might be interested in getting involved with youth sports at the GP?

It is a great experience. Success at the GP is not determined by total wins and losses, but by the life lessons gained.