We wrapped up another successful season of Fall Youth Sports on October 15th. A highlight this season was the addition of Character Awards handed out to our oldest divisions ages 11-14. Each coach has five character awards they may award to the most deserving players on their team. Each award reinforces the character of Christ striving to be more like him. Below are the award recipients for Fall Youth Sports 2016 and a brief description of why they deserved their award. 



Servant Leader Award - Matt. 20:24

Jude Kieffer: Jude was always quick to help his coaches and teammates and always took time to help clean up equipment without being asked.


Barnabas Award - "Encourager" 1 Thess. 5:11

George Kolodsick: George had a positive attitude at all time and tried to make sure all his teammates we always having fun.


110% Award - Col. 3:23

Nate Bolin: Nate never gave up and made sure he executed each play the best he could.


FUAGNEM Award - "Fired Up and Going Nuts Every Minute" Rom. 12:11

Hayden Arthur: Hayden always gave it all he had on the field and encouraged everyone else to come with the same passion.


Most Improved Award - James 1:2-4

JJ Jahnke: JJ made major improvements throughout the season in not just his skills but also his attitude, confidence and team work.



Servant Leader Award - Matt. 20:24

Hope Kulke: Hope showed a good leadership on and off court during practices and games, she had such a sweet spirit about her and she represented such a selfless Christ-like manner.

Barnabas Award - "Encourager" 1 Thess. 5:11

Rachel McDonald: Every time the team was together during practice or games, Rachel always was the encourager, even if someone would mess up, or made a great play, she always would encourage her fellow teammates, with positive words, and after practice and games, she always would tell each teammate they did great.

Fuagnem Award - "Fired Up and Going Nuts Every Minute" James 1:2-4

Adrien Lochard: Adrien, wow words cannot express the energy she came in with to practices and games, she was always on fire and ready to start learning new things and working on what she was already shown. I hope her perkiness would rub off on me more.