Personal Trainers

Besides a world class facility, The GP also offers professional certified physical trainers. Please contact each trainer directly for rates and availability. (Click on name to contact via email.)

For trainers' bios and more info about MAT, click here.

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       -Bachelors in Science

       -USPTA Certified Tennis Professional

       -ACSM (HFS) Certified

       -Myofascial Release Massage Therapist

       -Nautilus Certified Personal Trainer

       -8+ years in the fitness industry

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       -NASM Certified Personal Trainer

       -Certified Myokinesthetic Practitioner

       -Certified MAT Specialist

       -Free Posture Analysis

       -Working on RTS Certification

       -MAT-Jump Start trained

       -Self Myofacial Release

       -Multiple training options available

       -Nutrition counseling and coaching.

       -Strength Training and Weight Loss

       -HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training--weights and cardio together)

       -20+ years experience in the fitness industry